Our Mission

At Themis AI we provide an end-to-end debiasing platform to companies that utilize AI in their decision-making pipeline. We help our customers identify bias in their data, mitigate it during training, and ultimately certify that a trained AI model is fair and ethical before deployment.

End-to-end debiasing 

Bias Audit

Identify under/over-represented groups in your dataset. Understand the distribution of explicit and implicit features in your data.

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Debiased Training

Mitigate algorithmic bias in your AI models. Optimize your data even on the challenging samples in your data.

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Model Certification

Certify the fairness of your model on protected and underlying features. Ensure your AI model is ethical before deployment.

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The Team

Elaheh Ahmadi CEO

Elaheh Ahmadi

Co-founder & CEO

Jacob Phillips CTO

Jacob Phillips

Co-founder & CTO

Alexander Amini CSO

Alexander Amini

Co-founder & CSO

Daniela Rus Chairwoman

Daniela Rus

Co-founder & Chairwoman


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Themis AI to be the first recipent of Interval program by The Engine


"Interval, by The Engine, is a pilot program that offers MIT graduates, former MIT postdocs, and former MIT researchers a career path in entrepreneurship focused on pioneering Advanced Computing approaches to solve the world’s biggest and most urgent problems."

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What investors look for when deciding to back an A.I. startup

Themis AI mentioned at Brainstorm AI conference by Fortune

Alyssa Newcomb

"You can talk about bias as socially driven, the world needs to be a better place. But you can also talk about bias as bottle neck for extracting business value."

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MIT researchers propose model for debiasing AI algorithms

MIT researchers propose model for debiasing AI algorithms

James Orme

"Facial recognition tasks have been shown to exhibit strong bias among certain demographics, such as women and minorities. In 2012, researchers showed that the face detection system used by the US police force was significantly less accurate at identifying 18-30-year-old women with darker skin."

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Engine, Interval, Funding, Themis AI

MIT researchers work to ‘debias’ AI

Danielle Brown

"According to the paper, the team’s deep-learning algorithm can simultaneously learn desired tasks and underlying latent structure of the training data––meaning the algorithm can look at a dataset, learn what’s hidden inside it and automatically resample it to be more fair without using a programmer."

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MIT CSAIL researchers propose automated method for debiasing AI algorithms

MIT CSAIL researchers propose automated method for debiasing AI algorithms

Kyle Wiggers

"Bias in algorithms is more common than you might think. An academic paper in 2012 showed that facial recognition systems from vendor Cognitec performed 5 to 10 percent worse on African Americans than on Caucasians, and researchers in 2011 found that models developed in China, Japan, and South Korea had difficulty distinguishing between Caucasians and East Asians."

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MIT researchers propose model for debiasing AI algorithms

Can an algorithm train bias out of AI?

Nancy Ordamn

"MIT CSAIL researchers recently reported the development of an algorithm that removes bias from the training data sets that teach it to categorize facial images. The technique may offer a promising way to eliminate racial bias in image recognition systems."

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